Secretary II Profile


  • Ahmad Fadzil is an audiology clinician at Audiology Service Centre, Hospital Putrajaya. He hold Bachelor Degree of Audiology (Honours) from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). Prior, he serve as audiologist and outlet manager at an audiology centre in northern region of Malaysia for almost 4 years. After joining public service at Hospital Duchess of Kent, he also co-founding members of Hearing-Impaired Parents Support Group in Sandakan.
  • In addition to serve as clinician at hospital with Ministry of Health and Secretary 2 of MANSA, he also participate in Technical Committee of Audiology, Ministry of Health Malaysia as members of Noise Induce Hearing Loss (NIHL), Hearing Conservation Program (HCP) and Promotion and Publication’s Committee.
  • He also an actively contributing as panel writer for MOH with Guidelines for Neonatal Hearing Screening and Standard Operation Procedure for Audiology Service For Patient With Noise Exposure At Work.
  • With experience in clinical audiology and vast experience in guidelines and panel writers, Ahmad Fadzil aims to facilitate and assist committees and members of MANSA to achive society vision and mission.


  • Secretary II of MANSA

Role of Portfolios

  • Carry out the operations of the Society in accordance with the rules and carry out the instructions of the general meeting and the Committee.
  • Responsible for conducting all correspondence and keeping all books, documents and paper in secretarial role.
  • Attend all meetings and record all proceedings for committee and members’ reference.

Standpoint and Focus in Audiology

  • Clinical audiology focusing on general population assessment, amplification and rehabilitation.
  • Contribute to excellence audiology service in Malaysia