Guideline for Advertising Research via MANSA Platform

  1. Application should be submitted by the principal researcher to MANSA Research & Development Exco at
  2. All applicants should provide the following documents:

a) Research proposal

b) Ethical approval from respective Ethics Research Committee (e.g.: university ethics committee, medical research ethics committee)

c) Research advertisement with a description of not more than 250 words. It could be in a form of a poster. The advertisement should include the following information:

i. Title of research
ii. Brief overview of the research
iii. Objective
iv. Target participants
v. Study implication
vi. Research material (researcher may attach the link to the questionnaire if any)
vii. Contact person (i.e., researcher and principal investigator).

3. All applications will be reviewed by MANSA research committee. Research that has passed MANSA’s internal research review will be advertised on the MANSA’s website or/and any social media platform.

Criteria for approval:

a) Research must obtain ethical approval from the respective institution (hospital, university, etc.).

b) Research that is related to Audiology and hearing sciences.

c) Research shall not cause any controversial issue in the audiological profession.