Siti Suriani is an Audiologist in the Ministry of Health (MOH). She begins her career as a civil servant at Hospital Kuala Lumpur in 2001 and has been working in several hospitals. She was appointed as the Head of Audiology Profession in MOH (since 2015) and is responsible for the development of the audiology profession, including formulating policies and regulations, planning and developing training needs program/activities, and provide advice/consultation to relevant stakeholders. Suriani also holds various positions and is actively involved in national committees pertaining to audiology service.


  • Medico-legal Exco MANSA 2020/2022

Role of Portfolio

  • Promote medico-legal knowledge in all aspects to members.
  • Support, represent, and assist members in managing medico-legal matters effectively in relation to the safety practice of audiology.
  • Liaise with other societies or organisations in medico-legal matters that may have medico-legal implications for the advancement of medico-legal knowledge.
  • Coordinate the management of medico-legal complaints against members and association.
  • Facilitate in reviewing and revising current regulations and policies to maintain relevance to current practice with key stakeholders.
  • To be the point of reference on matters related to the Allied Health Profession (AHP) Act 774.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the association.

Vision and Mission

  • MANSA continues to build and maintain a professional working relationship with all relevant stakeholders.  To be the primary audiology advocate, MANSA members must be passionate enough to actively play their roles. Get involved, you’ll gain more experience and skills!

Area of interest

  • Auditory processing disorders

  • Advanced electrophysiology

  • Speech audiometry

  • Hearing conservation

  • Leadership development and management.

Personal views

  • For MANSA committee members, believe in yourself. And do the best. Work together as a team. Excellences is a journey, not simply a destination.  Have the courage to pursue what you’re most passionate about because where there’s a will, there’s a way.