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President Profile


  • Associate Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Abdul Wahat has an impressive academic background, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology (Honours) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), a Master’s Degree in Audiology from the University of Southampton, and a Ph.D. in Vestibular Diagnosis from The University of Western Australia. She is recognized as a distinguished professional in the audiology field, with notable achievements and qualifications in the diagnosis and management of vestibular disorders.
  • Following her Ph.D., Dr. Haniza completed a Fellowship at the Royal Alfred Hospital, Sydney in 2012, where she conducted research and a vestibular clinical attachment focused on adults’ vertigo. She further pursued her passion for the vestibular field by completing paediatric vestibular clinical attachments twice at the Pediatrix Universitary, Hospital Robert Debre, France (in 2018 and 2019).
  • Currently working as a Senior Lecturer in UKM, Dr. Haniza pioneered the establishment of the first vestibular clinics at UKM in 2012. She spearheaded ground-breaking advancements in vestibular diagnosis for infants and young children, not only in Malaysia but also across the entire South-East Asia Region, by establishing the pediatric vestibular clinic in 2019.
  • As an esteemed member of the Centre for Rehabilitation & Special Needs Studies (iCaRehab), Dr. Haniza actively engages in conducting research related activities, teaching and supervising both undergraduate and graduate students.
  • As a new term President of MANSA, her goals is to strengthen and uplift the Malaysian Audiologists standard, and making sure Audiology profession is visible. This include making sure that MANSA will be prominent as Malaysian Audiologists voice and bridge with various stakeholders’ backgrounds.


  • President of MANSA

Role of Portfolios

  • To represent the MANSA views, and stand of committee and members
  • To uphold the mission and vision of the association and strive to achieve the MANSA goals by working closely; direct and indirect supervision and offer counsel to the MANSA Committee and members.
  • To perform role as president and executive members of MANSA

Standpoint and Focus in Audiology

  • Dr. Haniza possesses a wide-ranging interest in the assessment and management of vestibular and balance disorders, catering to individuals across the age spectrum, from infancy to the elderly population.