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Professional Development Profile


  • Dalilawati Mohd Kassim, Senior Audiologist at Ramsay Sime Darby Healthcare-Subang Jaya Medical Centre, possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Audiology from UKM and an MBA in Healthcare Management from Perdana University. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she leads a team of audiologists in providing comprehensive audiological assessments, tinnitus assessment, hearing aid fittings, and rehabilitation programs.
  • Her contributions extend beyond clinical practice. She has successfully implemented initiatives such as universal newborn hearing screening, bone anchored hearing aid implants, and vestibular assessments. Her MBA qualification enhances her role as a team leader, ensuring optimal audiology unit operations and upholding the highest standards of care.
  • Actively involved in the “Dangerous Decibel Educator Training Program,” Mdm. Dalilawati actively promotes hearing conservation and provides training to hospital staff, communities, and occupational health doctors. Committed to professional advancements, she adheres to recognized standards such as MSQH and JCI.


  • Professional Development Portfolio Exco of MANSA

Role of Portfolios

  • Coordinate, organize, promote and monitor training courses, seminars, meetings and visits through various modalities that contribute to the continuous professional development of members.
  • Facilitate in reviewing and revising current guidelines/protocols to maintain accuracy and relevance to current practice with key stakeholders.
  • Liaise with the regulatory body and coordinate Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for audiologists from various sectors in accordance with Allied Health Profession Act

Standpoint and Focus in Audiology

  • To holistic and personalized patient-centered care, improving the quality of life for individuals with hearing and vestibular difficulties.
  • Her passion for audiology and effective leadership contribute to her value as an asset, to make a positive impact in the field and contributes to the professional development of audiology within MANSA.