Public Relations Profile


  • Muhammad Firdaus is an experienced Audiologist and Chief of Operation Officer at Eartistic Hearing & Physiotherapy centre. He holds bachelor of Audiology from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). With a passion for healthcare and the music and acoustic industry and nearly a decade of experience in healthcare and medical supply, he has demonstrated expertise in managing the operations of a multi-branch audiology practice, leading the company to achieve multiple awards under his purview.
  • He oversees company services and supply operations, business development, and sales and marketing activities. His balanced approach between sustainable audiology business practices and patient care ensures the continuity of the business while prioritizing patient satisfaction with services and products


  • Public Relation Portfolio Exco of MANSA

Role of Portfolios

  • Responsible for sharing timely and relevant information and updates to the public and association members through various channels like email, website, and social media platforms.
  • Collecting and sharing valuable information such as events, trends, hot topics, new findings, and policy changes from diverse sources with both the public and association members.
  • Promoting the association to the public, members, professionals, non-members, and key stakeholders, while also coordinating with regional representatives to organize association activities. Additionally, preparing press releases, keynote speeches, and promotional material to enhance the association’s visibility and reputation.

Standpoint and Focus in Audiology

  • Invested in establish a balance between sustainable and comprehensive audiology practice.
  • Building strong relationships, promoting understanding, and engaging stakeholders and members in a way that resonates with everyone over time.