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Important Update for MANSA Members Regarding AHP Registration


27 AUGUST 2023- MANSA gladly to addresses recent discussions circulating among audiologists in the private sector regarding the registration status for Allied Health Professionals (AHP). We seek to provide clarity on the registration status for our esteemed MANSA members.

Since June 2023, MANSA has diligently submitted the names of active MANSA members to the Malaysia Allied Health Professional Council (MAHPC) for registration within the AHP system. These submissions encompass private sector audiologists who have actively participated in programs and activities endorsed by MANSA, as well as dedicated association members who have actively engaged in association affairs.

On behalf of the MANSA management, we kindly request all MANSA members to exercise patience and await further notifications from the of the MAHPC. The registration process has encountered some complexities due to a shift in the registration timeline for the private sector, which commenced earlier than initially scheduled in January 2024.

Up to date, MANSA has been actively involved in facilitating the registration process by maintaining direct communication with the MAHPC and advocating for the voices of MANSA members. Additionally, we have submitted a phased list of member names for registration purposes. As of today, the third list has been presented to the MAHPC for processing. 1st list, consist of MANSA EXCO in private sector. 2nd list is as informed during MANSA townhall meeting (which was held last 11th of June 2023), the list of attendees in private sector that attended the townhall session. And the latest set of lists sent to MAHPC is the active MANSA members from the renewal of membership record.

We understand the importance of a streamlined registration process for our members in the private sector. Rest assured that MANSA remains committed to support all members throughout this process, and the executive and subcommittee will continue to work diligently to ensure a timely and smooth registration experience without unnecessary delays. We also encourage for members especially from private sector that has yet to renew their membership to do so, by contacting our membership EXCO (Mrs. Ellin Fariza) via email

For further inquiries regarding the private practitioner registration, please contact Medicolegal Exco MANSA (Mr. Mawaddi Abdul Qahar) at

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Assoc. Prof. Dr Nor Haniza Abdul Wahat
MANSA President